Cheating Spouse

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Cheating Spouse?

One of ESS’ specialty domestic investigations includes infidelity. Whether it’s your spouse who is acting suspicious, or an unfaithful partner, ESS can help you uncover the truth you deserve to know.

ESS looks for six crucial signs when investigating an unfaithful partner. These six characteristics are usually tell-tale signs as to whether someone is cheating and if you notice any similar behavior, it could be a good idea to call in a professional.

  • If there is a change in intimacy, whether it is more or less intimate relations between you and your partner, it could mean that there is someone on the side. This tends to be the most common sign that is found to lead to the discovery of infidelity.
  • If your partner or spouse starts to hide their cell phone and their use on it, they may be hiding a lot more than just suspicious phone activity.
  • Has your partner taken to a new look lately? Studies have shown that when someone isn’t being faithful they begin to change their appearance, and they will put more attention into how they look.
  • As with the cell phone usage, if your partner is taking up suspicious internet use, you may want to look into it. Staying up late to “work,” spending excessive time on the internet, and browsing online late into the night are all common signs of unfaithfulness.
  • Has your spouse or partner’s work routine suddenly become very different than what it used to be? Longer hours, a recent layoff, or a sudden change in employment can all be signs leading to infidelity in your relationship.
  • Another big sign is changes in hygiene and bathing habits. Dressing differently, new undergarment choices, and an increased interest in appearance often result in a lack of faithfulness.

Unfortunately, there are about 30-60% of married spouses who cheat therefore investigations when there is suspicion can often be a necessary step. When 74% of men and 68% of women say they would cheat if they wouldn’t get caught, it is easy to see why ESS is here to help.

Investigations can take anywhere from a mere four hours, to six months depending on how much digging will have to be done. Investigators note that infidelity is confirmed over 75% of the time.

If you suspect there may be suspicious activity going on in your life, you’re more than likely on the right track, 85% of the time wives who are wary are correct in their worries, and 50% of the time men are. Don’t suffer in worry a day longer, ESS has a staff of private investigators that are trained and experienced and have credentials strong enough to put your mind at ease.

If you think you a victim of a cheating spouse and would like more information on how we can help, please contact us today at 888-832-4531 or locally in Hampton Roads at 757-673-4704. or click to request more information.

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