General Investigations

General Investigations

Although there are many types of investigations, sometimes a case does not fall into a specific category. Instead, the unique nature of the case calls for a general investigation. In other cases, an investigation may require various types of investigative techniques perhaps surveillance, medical investigation, trail preparation and to reduce confusion, the investigation is classified as general.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator:

  • PI's understand the risks involved and know their legal limits.

  • They can determine someone's background before employment.

  • They are trained to find proof of a cheating spouse.

  • They have the resources to locate missing persons.

  • No time is taken out of your normal day to day routine.

  • They have the ability to work undercover and gather the most appropriate information.

  • They are experienced with using investigative techniques and tools. (Databases, Surveillance, Tracking)

Why is My Investigation Labeled as General?
Domestic investigations can take many forms:

There are many reasons why your case may be referred to as a general investigation. Some people, private investigators included, find the term simpler than many of the specific labels used for cases. In other cases, describing a case as a general investigation can affect pay structure and result in some savings for the client. If you are unsure what sort of investigation you are getting, you have every right to ask what exactly is being investigated and how. Just remember that the work being done on your behalf is often more important than the actual label or name for the job.

How Do I Know if I Need a Private Investigator?
An investigation is basically a process that finds an answer to a question. If you want answers to questions such as is my spouse cheating? Or are my employees honest? (which are two very popular lines of inquiry), then an investigation will give you the answers you need. In many cases, someone will be very anxious about not knowing something such as the whereabouts of a missing person or the status of a company's assets, and in these cases, too, an investigation can bring concrete facts that lead to peace of mind. In other cases, someone may need concrete evidence to stand up in court. Private investigators can help in that instance as they are trained to find honest answers that will stand up in court.

What Can I Expect From a Private Investigation?
There are many advantages to getting a private investigator on your side. The biggest advantage, of course, is that you get facts from an investigation. Whether you are looking for evidence of fraud or want to know what happened to an escaped fugitive, a private investigator gives you proof, so that you do not have to rely on hearsay.

Many people also find that a private investigation allows them to move forward. By providing answers and opening the door to potential solutions, investigations allow you to confront someone with evidence or pursue legal reparations. Investigations can mean taking action rather than letting a situation continue to bother you. Many people find that an investigation can also help them get compensation and legal judgments in their favor.

Plus, investigations benefit everyone. This is because people use investigators to pursue answers that corporations and individuals are held accountable for. Thanks to people who are willing to hire investigators, criminals sleep with less ease and corporations are held to provide safer products and services.

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Investigator

Like anything, knowing whether a private investigator is creditable or not, could be the end all be all of your investigation. Below are four reminders to keep in mind when searching for the perfect private investigator for your case.
• Is your PI insured?
• Are they licensed and bonded to practice?
• Do they have experience?
• Was a contract signed?

When you hire a private investigator, they are employed by you. Make sure they are properly insured before hiring them to work on your case. If not, damages could fall on you in an instance they cause damage to property or get hurt while working. Additionally, most states require those practicing investigative services to be licensed and bonded. Ask to see a copy of your PI's license, if they cannot produce it keep looking. Experience goes a long way when choosing the right investigator. Most PI's have military, law enforcement, or security backgrounds giving them more insight to investigation practices. When interviewing your candidates, ask them about previous cases they have been involved in and what specialties they have. Finally, always require your PI's to sign a contract stating their reason for hire and what services you will receive. If they refuse, keep looking!

How Much Will my Private Investigation Cost?
Pricing for private investigations range widely, depending on the amount of time and effort the case will take. However, no good private investigator will run up a bill without consulting you first. One of the great things about hiring a private investigator is that you remain firmly in the driver’s seat. You can indicate your budget and work with your investigator to come up with a solution that gets you the results you need at a price you can afford.

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